Fitness Program

Fitness Program

Sunrise Tennis Academy

The Junior Academy at Sunrise Tennis Academy has a comprehensive tennis program that includes physical conditioning as an integral part of the players’ training.

The goal is to develop a more complete athlete by increasing their competitiveness through the development of their physical, mental & technical aptitudes at their highest level of performance while taking into consideration their individual capabilities.

Fitness training of the high performance juniors at STA focuses on four main areas:

  • Strengthening of the muscle groups involved in the sport as well as those needed to prevent imbalance injuries.
  • Development of agility and quickness that can improve their performance on the court.
  • Cardiovascular training that meets the demands of tennis, taking into consideration the age of the player, level of play and type of surface.
  • Flexibility training that will help them log many hours on the court without the danger of injury

We believe that education is a very important component when it comes to fitness training. We make an emphasis in making sure that the player understands the reason and application behind every drill and exercise we have designed for them. By creating the habit of proper warm up and cool down procedures that are easy to remember we insure that they can follow them everywhere their tennis career takes them.